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  Trampoline Workouts Make Fitness Fun

Trampoline Workouts Make Fitness Fun

Last Updated: Feb. 23, 2015

By: Taira Jordan

Trampoline Workouts Make Fitness Fun

Make fitness fun with a trampoline workout that feels like play but has very real results. Whether you choose to workout in your living room on a mini trampoline or turn exercise into a family game on a large outdoor trampoline, jumping on a trampoline burns calories and is a great cardio workout. The trampoline’s springy surface lets you tone and build core strength with a low-impact workout that puts less pressure on your joints compared to running or jogging on regular ground. What is more, the up and down jumping motion helps to clear out toxins from your lymphatic system that can lead to headaches.

With simple, varied moves on a trampoline, you can work out as effectively as going for a run. Begin with basic jumps and adjust the speed and pace of jumps to achieve your desired intensity. For an effective workout, jump at a rapid pace, then slow down, speed back up and continue to switch between moderate and fast paces. Incorporate different moves such as jumping jacks, high jumps, squats and running-in-place into your routine. These moves tone and strengthen your body by forcing your whole body, including abs, to work to maintain balance. As muscles become stronger by working more, you can use ankle weights, wrist weights or small dumbbells for a more intense workout.

While trampoline fitness requires a minimum amount of gear, there are a few necessities you should have for an effective, rewarding and safe workout:

  • Your mini trampoline or large outdoor trampoline should be in good condition with covered springs for safe jumping.
  • A safety net should be installed on raised, outdoor trampolines to prevent injuries caused by falling off the edge.
  • It is recommended that you wear shoes, such as running or training shoes, that have good ankle support. Even though gymnasts who compete in trampolining do not wear shoes, recreational trampoline users will benefit from the ankle support that athletic shoes provide.
  • Be sure to wear comfortable, athletic clothing that allows for a wide range of movements. Ladies should wear a supportive sports bra.
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